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NEW EP — 20,000 Leagues Under The Beat

FUNK IN THE TRUNK is comin' at you with a five-track, 28 minute EP release that will blow you away!

20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE BEAT is a collection of five of our biggest hits, showcasing the full extent of our eclectic insanity. From the hard-hitting funk rhythms of Why Not? to the sweet soul sounds of No Matter, this EP captures everything that you love about FUNK IN THE TRUNK in a convenient 12 centimeter disc.

Funk In The Trunk

20,000 Leagues Under The Beat

Only $5

plus shipping and handling
$2 to the U.S.
$5 International

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All orders are shipped USPS First Class

Listen to samples from the EP

01 - Decisions
(B. Kujawa)
02 - No Matter
(B. Kujawa)
03 - Let Me Have You
(R. Fridkin)
04 - Why Not?
(B. Kujawa)
05 - In Spain
(B. Kujawa)

Other Music

You can check out the tracks from our latest demo below—just click "play" and you're set. While navigating this site, you can also listen to our music in the sidebar on the right. See how we've got you covered? Now you don't ever have to be without The Funk.

No Matter
(B. Kujawa)
Soul Woman
(B. Kujawa)
Why Not?
(B. Kujawa)
The Bump
(A. Caron, Arr. by B. Kujawa)
(B. Kujawa)
Ne T'en Vas Pas
(B. Kujawa)
Blue Funk
(B. Kujawa)
No Time
(B. Kujawa)
(R. Fridkin)
In Spain
(B. Kujawa)
Grand Cafe
(A. Caron, Arr. by B. Kujawa)
(B. Kujawa)

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