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Boris Kujawa

Affectioniately known as "Papa Bobo" among the members of his cult, Boris Kujawa is responsible for bringing French Funk to the Chicago area. Though he did declare it at customs, The Funk was siezed and examined after a lengthy cavity search which also yielded a pound of foie gras, a balloon of Nutella, a kitchen sink, and Jimmy Hoffa. Eventually, U.S. Customs was won over by the brisk rhythms and killer grooves of The Funk, and Boris was allowed to stay. Today, he lends his songwriting skills and guitar skillz (note the distinction) to Funk In The Trunk.
Rachel Fridkin

Rachel Fridkin, a.k.a. Soul Sister Number One, brings her prescription strength voice to Funk In The Trunk. Her award winning voice makes blues bluer, funk funkier, and swing even more unstable than usual. Common side effects include intense emotion, uncontrollable shaking, and general awe. If you are pregnant or nursing, do not use Rachel or handle broken tablets.
Brian Dema

Brian Dema: Mix a shot of jazz, a shot of funk, and two shots of blues in a cocktail shaker. Shake for one minute, serve on the rocks. Garnish with a with a hint of samba. Guaranteed to get you utterly plastered. It's customary to order a "Brian Dema" when carousing for girls, but it's always enjoyable whenever you're in the mood for a tenor sax that knows when to swing, when to groove, and when to rattle your bones. Keep a glass of water availlable on the side for when you need to splash your face.
Geremy Kudert

Have you ever rolled down a hill in an oil drum while wearing a full suit of armor? Take that experience, tighten it up, and you've got Geremy Kudert. Geremy brings the heat like no one else when it comes time to go crazy on the drums. Don't be fooled when you hear his tight rhythms and solid riffs -- you're just minutes away from a skeleton-shaking shaking drum solo that will make you wonder which train just flew by. You don't have to hold your breath, waiting for the energy to subside—you'll pass out!
Saif Choudhury

It's time to take out an insurance policy on your eardrums, because Saif Choudhury's in town, he's got his horns, and he knows how to use them. You'll be wondering just how many elephants can fit in the basement of a Chicago area bar when Saif lets loose on the trumpet. He's no stranger to tenderness, though—if you take your earplugs out for too long, you're liable to melt from the melody he brings.
Jason Hanggi

Perhaps you've dabbled in transcendentalism. You may have even given hallucinogens a thought. Forget all that—all you need is Jason Hanggi. His hypnotic hand drums will have you seeing visions of black magic, as the beat replaces your consciousness with something far more primal -- and a lot more fun! Don't be scared—that's supposed to happen. Wear comfortable shoes, because you won't be able to stop moving once Jason's rhythm takes hold of you.
Noah Schroer

Noah Schroer's rise to power as "King of Niles" was not an easy one. Everyone expected him to fail in the first year of his reign. However, through the use of clean-yet-groovy punch-you-in-the-face bass lines, he was able to unite the warring factions of The Funk and The Soul under one crown. Not one to rest on his laurels, Noah still travels the countryside disguised as a peasant, solving ordinary citizens' problems with the help of his trusty bass, "The Consensus Builder".

Funk Legends Emeritus

Pete Wojtowicz

One of the Chicago area's greatest bassists, Pete Wojtowicz suffers from an unusual condition: an inability to be photographed without a trumpet in front him. Having lent his crazy bass abilities to jazz, rock, and funk combos around the Chicago area, Pete has always had a trumpet bell in the shot when being photographed. Parapsychologists to date are unable to determine how, even when no trumpet players are present, this phenomenon occurs as soon as a camera's shutter clicks. Despite this condition, Pete continues (like a trooper) to bring his deep bass lines and crazy slap-antics to Funk In The Trunk.
Christopher "Foo" Williams

By this point, you might be thinking that bassists are basically disposable. Not Foo. He's good for several uses! You can rinse him off, and get a whole extra year of funky rhythms out of him! Just make sure to spot test him on an inconspicuous area first, because the impact he makes on your surface is permanent.

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